Laszlo Tabar 2017

Dear colleagues, To paraphrase a great man – we had a dream. It was to have professor Laszlo Tabar as a guest lecturer in Skopje, and we are extremely happy to say that our dream has come true. I wish to express my gratitude to professor Laszlo Tabar for a […]


Dear colleagues, We are now closing the online registration for the Laszlo Tabar Breast Seminar in Skopje, February 9-11, hotel Marriott. If you haven’t registered and are interested in attending, please register directly on the day of the seminar, on-site. It is our pleasure to announce that more than 70 […]

Final Announcement

Dear colleagues, The date for the Laszlo Tabar Breast Seminar, to be held in Skopje 9-11 February 2017 at Hotel Marriott, is fast approaching. Thank you to the great number of participants that have registered thus far, and this is the last call for application to participate at the seminar […]

Third Announcement

Dear colleagues, The program for the Tabar seminar  is announced. The course fee for specialists radiologists, surgeons, oncologists, pathologists is: 150 euros (EUR)      – until 1st of February 200 euros (EUR)      – after 1st of February The course fee for residents is: 80 euros (EUR) Coffee and […]

Second Announcement

Dear colleagues, On behalf of DOJKA, the Macedonian Society of Breast Radiology, we have the honour and pleasure to announce the 3-day Seminar by Laszlo Tabar titled “Diagnosis of Breast Diseases”, to be held for the first time in Skopje, Macedonia, 9-11 February 2017. We cordially invite you to participate and […]

First Announcement