Seminar by Laszlo Tabar “Diagnosis of Breast Diseases” in Skopje, Macedonia, 9-11 February 2017

From 9-11 February 2017, we were honoured to organise our first educational event – the seminar for radiology of the breast, given by the reknown professor Dr Laszlo Tabar. Here, you can find photos from the Laszlo Tabar seminar.




Dear colleagues,

To paraphrase a great man – we had a dream. It was to have professor Laszlo Tabar as a guest lecturer in Skopje, and we are extremely happy to say that our dream has come true.

I wish to express my gratitude to professor Laszlo Tabar for a wonderful seminar.

The Laszlo Tabar Breast seminar was a great opportunity to learn from one of the best radiologists in the world, which is very important for breast radiology in Macedonia. At the same time I am very happy that so many colleagues from Macedonia as well as the neighboring countries participated on the seminar. It was a pleasure to welcome you all and I am sincerely grateful that you were a part of this event. Should you have any comments, compliments or feedback on something which we could improve, please let us know via the DOJKA email form.

It would not be possible to organize this seminar without the help from an amazing group of people I am proud to call not only my collaborators but more importantly, my friends. Thank you Venko, Zaklina, Maja, Silvija, Adrijana and Damjan.

See you on the next educational seminar,

Svetlana Temelkovska

Final Announcement


Dear colleagues,

We are now closing the online registration for the Laszlo Tabar Breast Seminar in Skopje, February 9-11, hotel Marriott. If you haven’t registered and are interested in attending, please register directly on the day of the seminar, on-site.

It is our pleasure to announce that more than 70 participants are registered for the seminar.

Thank you and we wish you a successful seminar and cordially welcome!

Third Announcement

Dear colleagues,
The date for the Laszlo Tabar Breast Seminar, to be held in Skopje 9-11 February 2017 at Hotel Marriott, is fast approaching. Thank you to the great number of participants that have registered thus far, and this is the last call for application to participate at the seminar
We are pleased to inform that the Doctor’s Chamber of Macedonia has scored the seminar with 6.5 CMR which will be noted on the Certificate of Attendance that you will receive after successfully completing the seminar.
NOTE: Only after payment of the registration fee will you be allowed to participate and to receive a certificate of attendance. Please present your certificate of payment (which you will have received after making the payment) to the registration desk at Hotel Marriott.
Last call for application, registration and “early bird” payment:
  • Registration fee paid until 1st of February – 150 EUR for specialists and 80 EUR for residents
  • Registration fee paid after 1st of February – 200 EUR for specialists and 100 EUR for residents

We are pleased to announce that on the initiative and organised by DOJKA, an official dinner for a successfully completed seminar will be held at the national restaurant Makedonska Kukja in Skopje, on the 10th of February at 20:00


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