Welcome to the home page of DOJKA – the Macedonian Society of Breast Radiology.

Goals and Mission

The Macedonian Society of Breast Radiology – DOJKA, is devoted to the fight against breast cancer. The society supports early detection of breast cancer through: screening, diagnostic and interventional  radiology, and following modern guidelines and education.

DOJKA is an apolitical and not for profit society with one and only goal: fighting breast cancer using medical methods

DOJKA will be:

  • Source of information, guidelines and recommendations for breast radiology intended for doctors, specialists, radiology technicians, patients, as well as the media;
  • Forum for discussions on the topic of breast cancer.

The society has set itself the tasks to:

  • Promote and create high quality of medical and scientific standards, as well as study of normal breast, breast pathology using diagnostic radiology, ultrasonography, magnetic resonance, as well as other imaging and interventional methods
  • Directly help decrease the breast cancer mortality rate through early detection

DOJKA will inform women in the Republic of Macedonia for all current and new findings in breast cancer study. The membership in the society is open to all radiologists and other professionals that have interest in the field of breast imaging. Our mission is

To motivate saving lives and treating breast cancer patients with dignity and compassion.

We believe that breast cancer screening decreases the mortality rate.

We believe that modern education and evidence based medicine are the pillars of good clinical practice.

The society will cooperate with patients, colleagues and other societies and organisations.