Memorandum of Understanding with EUSOBI

Dear colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that on the invitation of the European society of breast imaging (EUSOBI) we have established a cooperation by signing a memorandum of understanding which expresses our common goal to exchange experiences, information and data about breast radiology.

The goal of this close cooperation is to create mutual research, statements, guidelines and recommendations for screening and diagnostic standards together with our European colleagues. This cooperation means that EUSOBI has recognised the goal of our society and our hard work thus far.

Let me express my gratitude, since you and your contribution played a big role in this recognition.

I would like to use this opportunity to announce that we plan to hold an EUSOBI course in Macedonia, which will be a great opportunity to hear latest news from leading European lecturers and broaden our knowledge.

We invite you to visit the EUSOBI web site where you will find current information about breast imaging in Europe, and more information about the activities of EUSOBI, such as the opportunity to obtain the “European diploma in breast imaging” (EDBI).

At the same time I invite you to visit our website where we will keep posting information about our local activities in Macedonian and English. Don’t forget that you can leave your comments, questions and suggestions.

I would like to remind you to complete your membership of the Macedonian Society of Breast Radiology, if you haven’t already done so. The procedure is very simple and the membership fee is very symbolic. This will enable you to fully enjoy the benefits of our collaboration with EUSOBI.


Svetlana Temelkovska
President of the Macedonian Society of Breast Radiology